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We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company that creates and sells the most unique candles out there. So when crafting our candles we make sure they are made in the most environmentally responsible way. We offer wholesale for bulk orders and also individual sales for what we call the never can go wrong gift. We also offer custom work to create a candle unique to yourself or a special someone. 

We want to make a difference so we want to work with charity groups in hopes our candles can make a difference in the charities organization. It doesn't matter how big or small our contribution is, we want to work with more charity groups so feel free to contact us so we can provide your charity with candles for door prizes, auction, giveaways and much more.

Did you know?

- In 1709, the Chandlers (candle makers) guild persuaded the parliament to ban candle making in the home, therefore monopolizing the candle industry.

- The first scented candles were from India and were made up of cinnamon.

- The first scented candle in America was Bayberry, but huge amount of bayberry leaves were used to produce a single candle.

- Sales of candles are estimated at $2 billion annually (approximately) 

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What's New

ReLites has taken aromatherapy a step up by adding Colour Energy into the mix. Using candles as therapy has been around for thousands of years, and we will continue the tradition of using Colour Energy as candle therapy. Each of the 7 colors in the rainbow is its own chakra point and represents a different aspect of life. For example: Orange/Spleen chakra point reflects joy and creativity. 

Thanks to our friends at Ashbury's Aromatherapy we have been able to offer aromatherapy and now use Colour Energy as candle therapy. To learn more of each colour and its chakra point click on banner on the right.


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