Our aim is that our candles are made in an environmentally responsible way and our liquor bottle candles are a great example of this. Having liquor bottles repurposed and upcycled into a ReLites candles we stay true to our word. Even when packaging for shipping we will use old shoe boxes, used boxes or anything that we do not have to purchase and add more waste to the world. So do not be surprised if you receive our candles packaged in Nike shoe box because either way you will get your candle delivered to you but in the most eco-friendly way.

Last thing we ask all our customers to go through the thank you card we put on every candle that is sold. We ask for you to think eco-friendly once the candle expires. You can use the bottle for many things like a jar to hold all your spare change, a place to store your pens or even making it into a drinking glass. Get creative and make use of your bottle before adding it to the waste.


We help Reduce the bottles going into the depot by collecting them from our local restaurants, bars and lounges to have them repurposed


Having collected the bottles we Reuse them by cutting and sanding them down to a unique shaped bottles


Once the bottle is set we add eco-friendly soy wax, cotton wick and infuse it with one of our special aromatherapy scents of all natural essential oils for you to ReLite

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